We can come to your studio or film you wherever you create your work. We can focus on you as the artist and what makes you tick, or your work and your actual practical methods. Films can be produced to introduce you to visitors on your website. We can promote and generate buzz for upcoming exhibitions as well as covering the opening night itself. You can offer an accompanying film to customers wanting a commission, where we document the process and then the delivery of the final piece as it’s collected and hung on their wall. We can even help you manage your social media content to maximise its impact, raise your profile, and reach a wider audience.

“‘Working with Adam was a pleasure. He is patient, insightful and creative, always giving me time to develop my ideas without pressure. I would highly recommend him if you would like to make a film about your work.’”
— LS

Prices will vary from job to job because your film will be tailored to exactly to your requirements, so please get in touch to chat, and we can work out what would suit you best.

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