micro budget? our “lo-fi” films could be for you

Our "lo-fi" films are inspired by an appreciation of no-budget filmmaking from the 70s, 80s and 90s, and DIY music (we even stole the name!). A little rougher around the edges perhaps, but a whole lot of spirit!

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All of Special Day Films prices are dependent on the amount of time we anticipate being involved in a project (filming, editing, grading etc). Therefore if the budget is small, we have to find ways to compromise. Luckily we love that sort of thing!

In terms of your wedding, lo-fi means you get a single camera operator for the day as opposed to the two or more of us that come along for our other projects. That means the coverage is reduced (we can only be in one place at a time!) - so the shots will still be beautiful but there will be fewer of them. Also, there’s only so much camera equipment one person can carry, so the heavy tripods and the Steadicam will most likely be staying at home!

We currently offer two lo-fi options: Lo-Fi and Super Lo-Fi…


Our prices are still dependent on the level of coverage you want but a general price for a lo-fi highlights film covering the big day from bridal preparations through to the dancing at the evening reception would be £650.
You’d get a 10-15 minute film edited to your music choices. This would be presented on your choice of BluRay, presentation USB stick or DVD and we would also host it online for you. You might also even get a sneak preview if you’re lucky.
If our main films are Desperado, this is El Mariachi!

super lo-fi

The Super Lo-Fi package is inspired by the old Super-8 cinecameras, where you had one reel of film and no way to edit - you only had one take for each scene and you had to shoot everything in order.

Assuming you want us for bridal preparations through to the dancing, you pay £265 and you get whatever we manage to get in the can, presented as an old-school home movie. No music added, no editing, but bags of charm! You still get three copies and the film hosting online.

“I just like to do work that inspires me, and I don’t pay any attention to whether it’s a high- or low-budget movie.”
— Joseph Gordon-Levitt

When you're ready to get in touch, please fill in the enquiry form or drop us an email to start the conversation. For a quick top-of-our-heads estimate, you can always send us a tweet at @specialdayfilms or message us on Facebook. If you live close enough we can even meet you for a coffee/tea/beer and a chat. We look forward to hearing from you!