If you're looking to raise your profile, we can provide video content for your social media AND help you manage it to extend your reach and expand your fan base.

We can cover gigs and can brainstorm promo video ideas. If you've got new material you're trying out, a video is a great way to see what works and what doesn't - we've provided this service in the past for Rob Deering, Lucy Porter & Dan Atkinson among others. We have great working relationships with comedy promoters such as The Hyena Lounge and Knock Knock Comedy.

If you want to make your shows available to stream and/or download via your website, we can provide a multi-camera set-up and an editor in tune with your sense of comic timing to translate the energy of your live performance to the small screen.

Prices generally start from about £200 but will vary from job to job because your film will be tailored to exactly to your requirements.

“The showpiece is great, capturing something of the essence of how I perform (as in hopefully representing the shambolic nature but showing that there’s more to it, i.e. it’s not just a bloody mess).
Unless of course it is just a bloody mess.”
— D
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