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We work with several schools to produce films of trips to local attractions.  Each year we also drop by to make films of nativities, summer productions and graduation presentations.  These are filmed with the same attention to detail we give larger, professional theatre company shows - multi-camera set-ups and full editing!

These films make fantastic mementos for the children & parents that can be treasured in years to come (not to mention being a fantastic way to embarrass your offspring when they're teenagers). If relatives are unable to attend these occasions, these films can be a great gift and mean that they don't miss out.  Also of interest to families could be our "time capsule" film service...

Prices will vary from job to job because your film will be tailored to exactly to your requirements, but prices for a film of a nativity or a "time capsule" film generally start at £350, and for school films we also offer a sales-based price package.

We also are interested in producing promotional films for schools themselves; something to go on the front page of the school's website to give a sense of the environment and approach to teaching. These could be produced at a relatively low cost to the school.

Unless given permission, we refrain from uploading or displaying any of our school films publicly on our website. We hope that the short clips and our other films give a sense of the quality and attention to detail we take pride in.

If you'd be interested in having a film produced, please get in touch or pass our details on to your child's school!

“Thank you for the DVD’s, the children loved them!
We will be visiting again next year and would like you to film the day again.”
— Whiston Junior and Infant School
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