Theatre companies

Workshops can be filmed, and cast and crew interviewed to create social media content to drive interest and help generate a buzz before your show. We can even help you manage your social media content to maximise its impact and reach a wider audience.

We can provide a multi-camera set-up to produce a fully-edited film of the show. This can then be streamed or made available for download on your website, or physical copies can be produced for sale or for your cast to keep as mementos.  So much time, effort and love goes into producing a live show - we can capture that and preserve it so that your show can live on.

If you want to make your shows available to stream and/or download via your website, we can provide a multi-camera set-up and an editor in tune with your sense of comic timing to translate the energy of your live performance to the small screen.

Prices will vary from job to job because your film will be tailored to exactly to your requirements, but prices for a film of a full show generally start at £450.

“You always do a brilliant job - that’s why we keep asking you back!”
— J
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